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The Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) is an academic institution located in New York City (NYC), USA. It provides patients with ophthalmic care in all subspecialties in the metropolitan area of NYC and surrounding states, including the ambulatory care network (ACN) clinic that serves the local community of Washington Heights. The cornea division involves a team of faculty members, clinical and research fellows, and coordinators, who all seek contributions to scientific knowledge for the best care of their patients. We are honored to be part of the capriCORN team!


Team Picture (left to right): Gabriel Rand, MD, George Florakis, MD, Danielle Trief, MD (Cornea Faculty), Janice Kim, MD (Ophthalmology Resident), Leejee Suh, MD (Director, Cornea Division), Andres Serrano, MD (Research Fellow, Study Coordinator).